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Pc not showing image

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Nov 19, 2022
Hello. I have a pc with i7-2600,8gbs of ram and no graphics card (except the integrated one). I turn on the pc,seems to be running but absolutely nothing shows up on the monitor. Not even a no signal prompt,nothing. Gradually,the sound of the fan increases to the point where it sounds like a jet but again,nothing happens. I left it on overnight and nothing happened. I opened the case,the ram is in place ( i tried taking a single stick out,leaving no ram in etc etc) but it did nothing. I'll attach an audio recording of the sound it makes.
Do you have any advice on this? How do i fix it?
Sound : sndup.net/yq6g


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Mar 2, 2021
Lost in the internet
if this has just started.
Make sure you touch some metal to earth yourself - The case should do.
1) Power off and remove the cmos battery, I can't give you the exact location as you have not told us the make and model of your
2) Leave the battery out for approx 5mins
3) Remove the ram and reseat. Making sure it clips into place.
4) Reinsert the cmos battery
5) Make sure the monitor has power and is turned on. If connected to a powerboard remove and connect to power socket
6) Make sure cable between computer and monitor is not loose
7) Turn back on

Does your motherboard have any diagnostic lights?
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