PC isn't posting after failed CPU upgrade

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PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Jun 5, 2018
I have a HP Compaq office PC and i wanted to upgrade the processor. (compaq presario cq5720f)
I accidentally ordered the wrong type of CPU for my CPU socket.(
AMD FX 4-Core Black Edition FX-4300, FD4300WMHKBOX)
(AM3+ processor for an AM3 socket) . Obviously the processor didn't work and nothing happened. My mistake was when i left the PC running for a long period of time, hoping that it might work and just needed to somehow integrate into the system. Afterwards i switched out the wrong CPU for the original one and the same thing happened: the fans and motherboard LED's would turn on but the monitor wouldn't receive a signal and the LED on the power button didn't turn on. I have checked that everything is securely in it's proper position and that all cables have been connected properly. I have tried resetting the BIOS/CMOS manually. The last thing i tried was to hard-reset it but that bore no response. I am lost and have no idea what to do. I am a young ammeter with computers and have no fixed income. I may get grounded. Please help me, I hope to have a career in computers in the future and i don't want my enthusiasm to be dampened by this mistake. Thank you for reading.


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Jul 19, 2016
Sydney, Australia
As you wont find any documentation dealing with fitting a particular incorrect CPU to a motherboard you are in no mans land here. There is a distinct possibility by doing what you have done that you have killed the wrong CPU and/or motherboard, and possibly by refitting the original CPU it may be damaged now. If you don't have another motherboard and correct CPU to test with it may be better to take your PC to a repair shop for diagnosis and or repair.
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