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PC Crash, Debug CPU light on

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Hello again Skellen,

Have you tried restoring the default factory settings for the MB in the BIOS.

For clarity, the following is the OP from your previous thread to which you last replied some two weeks ago;

Hi, I have recently built my first PC and from time to time it crashes. Mostly while playing games.
What happens:
- No Blue Screen or any other error message
- Monitor loses connection, Sound gone
- PC, Fans and Leds are still running
- No response at all from the System
- have to shut him down and restart

I checked the CPU temp with other Software 40 - 56 °C
Hope you can help me

Your previous issues were caused by using a sub standard PSU that did not meet the minimum power requirements for the GPU to be able to function correctly, recommending that members purchase anything is always a last resort and we will only do so when the evidence is conclusive in that an item absolutely must be replaced, there is no mention of the CPU debug LED remaining lit in your previous thread and being that you have gone two weeks without apparent issue I am not sure how it can be assumed that this latest issue is related to the one in your first thread tbh.
The delivery of the psu took longer, so i couln´t test it earlier. Sorry I couldn´t give you any helpful news at that time. The syntoms i have described are the same, so i mentioned the last post to provide all the information.

I restored the default settings yesterday and had no crash all day. Today after 30 min a crash happened.
We had a break down in communications then which is unfortunately what can happen when threads are not concluded, should something similar ever happen again let the person that is helping you know and your thread can be put on hold and then reopened when you are ready to continue.

We are going to have to properly check your temps and voltages at some point but can you refer to the following first.

What was the computer being used for all day without it losing the signal.

What was the computer being used for when it lost the signal after 30 minutes.

Have you restored the MBs default factory settings again since it lost the signal after 30 minutes, if yes, how has the computer behaved, if no, give it a try.

Can we have a new Speccy url and a MTB log if you will;

Download MiniToolBox and save the file to the Desktop.

Close the browser and run the tool, check the following options;

List last 10 Event Viewer Errors
List Installed Programs
List Devices (Only Problems)
List Users, Partitions and Memory size

Click on Go.

Post the resulting log in your next reply for us.
Gaming and surfing on both days, nothing special.
Not quite accurate I`m afraid, gaming both puts the computer under load and raises temperatures and surfing means using the internet and one of the most common causes of crashes is bad network device drivers and another the AV software or one or more of its plug ins causing security conflicts, hence the reason why we need to know the actual answer to what was asked.

What was the computer being used for when it lost the signal after 30 minutes.
Knowing the answer to this may give us a clue being that the computer was only on for thirty minutes before the issue occurred.

Couple of things of note in Speccy and the MTB log, any errors more than two days old are of no use unless they are both repetitive and current.

MTB log reports internet security issues, a couple of unexpected shut downs and the amount of free storage space on the C: partition being too low.

Speccy is reporting the same amount of free storage space on the C: partition being too low + you have had a Windows 10 update installing since 12.06.2020

First of all, because of the security error we need to ask if you have any cracked/non legit software on the computer.

Partition 1
Partition ID: Disk #1, Partition #1
Disk Letter: C:
File System: NTFS
Volume Serial Number: 20DAD2F8
Size: 232 GB
Used Space: 195 GB (84%)
Free Space: 36,4 GB (16%)

For Windows to be able to run efficiently and to be able to update you need to have between 20 and 25% of the partition or drive available as free storage space at all times, if you don`t you risk Windows becoming corrupt or not being able to update which puts you at risk of malware attack.

Data only storage devices should not be allowed to get any lower than 10% of free storage space of the full capacity of the drive/partition on the drive, this also to avoid data corruption.

Please note that storage devices can physically fail if the amount of free storage space is allowed to drop below the required 10 or 20/25% minimum.
The games is was playing when nothing happened were "star wars jedi fallen order" and "league of legends".
I was playing "team fight tactics" when the crash happend after 30 min.

I made room on the C: Disk. There are now 60% free storage space.
Windows is now up to date.
No, i don´t have non legit software on my computer.

Another Crash happend, after the new changes, while I played "team fight tactics". Only Discord and Chrome were otherwise used in that Moment.
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