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Not familiar with the BIOS. Plug in a USB, load up the BIOS, and use F12 to take screenshots of each BIOS page.

Before doing any of this, reset your BIOS to default settings. Read the entire post before starting.




In screenshot #2, change 45 to 49 if you want 4.9 GHz.

In screenshot #3, keep it on auto unless you're getting BSOD. If you get BSOD, change it to Manual Mode and increase by increments of 0.005 until you get stable performance. YOU SHOULD NOT EXCEED 1.350 V. If you cannot get a stable system with 4.9 GHz @ 1.350 V, you should lower your OC multiplier (48, 47, 46, 45...). Don't just start out at 1.350 V either, you'll wear your CPU down. You want minimal power consumption for maximum performance.

Tools needed:

Use HWMonitor to keep an eye on your CPU temperature.
Use CPU-Z to keep an eye on your CPU speed.
Use Prime95 for the actual stress test.

With Prime95, start with Small FFT test for about 20 minutes, and then Blend for a few hours. YOU SHOULD NOT EXCEED 90°C DURING STRESS TEST. If you do, stop the stress test and adjust the voltage/multiplier accordingly. If you AFK and come back to your PC with a clean desktop, it is likely that you had BSOD during the time you were gone. Again, go back into the BIOS and adjust the voltage/multiplier accordingly.

This is a lengthy process and takes a few days to perfect a stable 24/7 system.
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Sep 9, 2016
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