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Flix Boi

PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Oct 23, 2020
Lately I have been having problems such as:
-Screen turning flickering every few seconds,
-Screen freezing every few seconds
Upon inspection of event viewer, I saw that the source of the problem was a file named
To try to solve this issue. I have tried:
-Updating the graphics driver normally with GeForce Experience
-Booting into safe mode, uninstalling all graphics drivers with DDU, and then re-installing them in
normal mode
-Copying "nvlddmkm.sy" from the NVIDIA folder in C, then renaming the "nvlddmkm.sys" in
C:Windows\System32\drivers to "nvlddmkm.sys.old" . I then opened command prompt, and typed in
"expand.exe nvlddmkm.sy nvlddmkm.sys". Then, I moved the newly expanded folder
(nvlddmkm.sys) to Windows\System32\drivers, and restarted.
-Shutting down my pc (complete power cut), and swapping out the RAM sticks
-taking out the GPU, dusting it, and putting it back in
*Note that when I disable my GPU in Device Manager, letting the integrated graphics from my CPU
take over, my PC works fine.
I've visited countless forums, but none have had the answer to my problem.
So none of the solutions above have worked for me, and I'm begining to lose hope, and am thinking of
buying a new graphics card.
Does anyone know how to solve this issue ?


PCHF Administrator
Support Team
Sep 9, 2016
Thread closed due to lack of any feedback from the OP.
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