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Solved No bootable device - restart system

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2 months ago i had problem with "automatic repair" and i saw video on YouTube (
) and it helped me a lot. Now i got again that problem so i tryed that method again but this time i got "Access denied" at step "bootrec /fixboot" so i tryed method which is in comments but i still *** "acces denied". Then i decide to skip that part and go to next one "attrib d:\boot\bcd - h - r - s" and i got massage "Unable to find d:\boot" (something like that). I tried to find in Internet solution and i find method with deleting something :
sel dis 0
sel par 1
del par override
cre par EFI
for fs=FAT32 quick
assign letter=T
bcdboot C:\Windows /s T: /f ALL
I did this and after i turn off pc and turn on i got black screen with massage "No bootable device - please reset your system"
I know i screw it and i deleted something wrong, so what can i do now?
if the boot partition really did live on D:\ drive, your diskpart commands deleted it.
so your 'no bootable device' is because of that, and as vger mentions, the original cause could easily be a failing drive.

I would be doing a repair install of Windows (or even a fresh install), forgetting D:\, and putting everything on C:\

looks like C: and D: partitions are on the same physical drive.
Hello all,
thank you so much about taking your time to help me. I tryed much methods from forums and YouTube and no one works. I reinstalled my Windows fro m USB and now it works fine. Once again thank you for fast answer and help. :)
Not open for further replies.