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Solved New RAM makes my PC bsod

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Gheb Newell

PCHF Member
Oct 2, 2022
I bought new ram recently. (Corsair Vengence RGB Pro 2x16GB 3600MHZ to be precise).The PC can't boot at 3600mhz, I can only go max to 3200mhz.. I dont think my motherboard supports 3600mhz, but I dont really care about that. My concern is that I seem to be able to boot the PC at 3200mhz with no problem, but when I do a few things on my computer, everything shuts down, I get a really quick BSOD (I cant even see the error code) and then it goes back on my bios with my main SSD gone. I have to completely shut down the PC for my SSD to reappear and my pc to boot correctly. I feel like it might be a PSU problem since I only have 525W, but I don't have huge components that takes a lot of juice and I also dont want to spend money on a PSU without knowing if it is really the source of my problem. If someone could help me that would be very appreciated. (The PC runs perfectly with my old ram 2x8GB Corsair 3000mhz) :giggle:

My build:
MSI B450M Gaming Plus
AMD Ryzen 3700x (No overclock)
2X16GB Corsair Vengence RGB Pro 3600MHZ
Geforce GTX 1070 8GB
525W PSU
Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB
4TB ST4000DM004-2CV104
3x120MM Fans (Not sure about the right measure)
2x 24'' monitor LED 144Hz
2X16GB Corsair Vengence RGB Pro 3600MHZ

That is the wrong RAM for your CPU, AMD state here up to 3200MHz and if you have XMP or DOCP enabled the RAM will get auto OCd past what the CPU can handle and the PC fall over.

You should also make sure that the Windows Power Plan is set to Balanced and not High Performance or Ryzen Balanced.

What is the brand and model name or number of the PSU, with the additional storage devices and a second screen you 100% need a good quality brand 650W PSU that has a minimum of a Gold efficiency rating.

Just a fyi, there is no good brand that makes 525W PSUs, 520 or 550W yes but never 525W.
Yes the PSU is a terrible one, it's a Cooler Master Extreme 2 525W https://www.newegg.com/global/in-en/cooler-master-extreme-2-rs-525-pcar-525w/p/N82E16817171065 . As for the CPU being incompatible with the RAM, Would it still be possible to run it at 3200mhz without any problem. I can boot without XMP no problem, the problem starts when I open stuff. Im also realizing on the corsair website that the RAM is compatible only on X570 motherboard, but on newegg it says it should work on any Ryzen CPU which I guessed meant any Ryzen compatible motherboard. https://www.newegg.ca/corsair-32gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820236606?Item=N82E16820236606
That PSU is so bad that it needs the cord cutting off it and it then dumped in the trash, replace it asap as it is for sure damaging all of your hardware and the GPU being the most power hungry tends to suffer first and the most, the PSU at your link btw is the 725W version which only produced 600W, your true specs are in the attachment below.

A CPU must be compatible with a MB and vice versa, RAM must be compatible with both the CPU and MB, reason being is that MBs do not only work with the one CPU and it is possible that a more powerful CPU that can handle faster RAM is also compatible with a users MB, 3600MHz RAM is not compatible with your CPU or your MB which the specs here say 3466MHz is the max.


  • Extremely bad 525W PSU.jpg
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