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PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Feb 24, 2018
Gordonville, MO
Firefox version 60.0.2, Windows 7

Hard drive crashed, got it replaced and Firefox, etc, loaded.
Now I've apparently got a new version of NoScript which I really don't like.
As I understand it, I now have to either allow ALL scripts for a website or none of them.
With the old version it would list all the scripts and I could choose which ones to allow.
The ones really blocking the site were shown in bold and the site could usually be opened
just allowing those and not all the others. I don't like allowing all the scripts on any site as
there are now so many on most sites, and many of them are trackers, so what's the use of using NoScript at all?

Is it possible to download and use an older version of NoScript where it shows all the
scripts individually for a given site? Can anyone tell me what version of NoScript I could use?



Forum Regular
PCHF Advisor
PCHF Member
Oct 8, 2017
Yeppoon, QLD, Australia.
sorry vger, I'll bow out of this one.
the only security add-on I run is uBlock Origin these days.
used to use Ghostery and NoScript but have moved on - Ghostery sold its soul to paid-for ad vendors and NoScript, although great, added too much hinderance to the web experience and eventually I got sick of the hassle (which of course is what it's suppose to do I realise).


PCHF Advisor
PCHF Advisor
PCHF Member
Aug 12, 2016
As I understand it, I now have to either allow ALL scripts for a website or none of them.
Your understanding is wrong.
Left click the noscript icon and a box opens with things on the right. On the left in front of these are 5 items.
The first shows blocked and says default. Behind that you have 4 choices.
An S with a clock meaning temporarily allow
As S which means always allow
An S with a line through it which means always block
An S with something that might be a tool. This is custom. I have never used custom so I'm not sure how it works.

My uses are just like the old either temporarily allow are always allow.
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