New build randomly reboots and fans go really loud/fast.

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PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Jul 19, 2020
Hey all,

I recently completed my first build, and everything had been going smoothly.

However, as of yesterday it's started randomly rebooting, and has happened three times now.
First, the fans surge and go really loud, like they're on full throttle, and then it just reboots. I don't know what fan exactly, but I doubt it's my CPU, as I'm using a Noctua nh-u12s that I just installed. I'm also doing no overclocking.

The weird thing, is that it seems to happen when I'm watching videos (FB, YouTube, etc). I played the division 2 before, everything on ultra, and kept track of my temps. CPU didn't go above 64, and GPU stayed below 75 - which should be okay (right?). It hasn't happened when I'm gaming.

I'm just not sure where to start in terms of troubleshooting, and I don't know why this could happen.

My specs are:
- RYZEN 5 3600
- RTX 2060
- 16GB (2 x 8gb) CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR4 (2800)
- Thermaltake Smart RGB 600W Power Supply
- 2 x 500gb SATA SSD, 1 x 500 M.2 SSD
- Pure base 500dx case
- 4 x MF120 Halo RGB case fans

Most parts are new, but I've had the GPU for about 8 months.

Thanks for any advice, frens

Evan Omo

Computer Support Technician
Support Team

Does the computer actually reboot itself when watching online videos and does it happen after a set period of time or does it happen immediately when watching videos?

This points to a power supply issue. I would try swapping out the Thermaltake power supply with another unit that is of equal wattage and see if that solves the issue.
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