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New Build: No internet

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Here's the layout:

I just built a new pc,
ROG strix b650e-f
amd ryzen 9 7900

what I did was built it, and just brought over my 2 nvme.2 ssds from my last build which was:

rtx 2060
rog strix motherboard again, don't remember the name but it's a mini

anyways, since building, everything seems to be in order, but I can't connect to wifi and my pc doesn't registered a wired connection. I have the wifi antenna that came with the new motherboard hooked up in back and have my ethernet cable plugged in but it won't register anything. when I got to trouble shoot it says it's missing it's ethernet and wifi drivers. well I downloaded what I think was the drivers from intel onto an external hd, plugged it it into my new tower and ran the programs and restarted and everything. still won't work.

any help would be appreciated.

Not open for further replies.