Pending OP Response Need Help Urgently (please)

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allan hogg

PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Nov 22, 2016
Hi i got my nephews computer today it was one my brother bought him built off ebay he bought an gtx970 gpu for it to play games and we installed it i bought a molex to 8 pin connector for it from ebay as we couldnt find anywhere else to get power cable after half an hour off me trying game with it i smelt burning and turned pc off to find the power cable plugged into it had burnt right through and melted.
In the pc is a generic atx 500 watt psu its given me a fright could anyone help should i try buy new psu or try a better cable from somewhere any help would be great

Rough pc specs
mobo - intel expert mobo
ram - standard ddr 2 5300 2 x 2gb ram
operating system - windows 10 pro
cpu - intel core 2 duo


Autonomous Admin
Support Team
Sep 9, 2016
In the pc is a generic atx 500 watt psu
Fully agree with the assessment and guidance of Veeg.

No cheap, generic 500W PSU will be able to produce the claimed wattage or amps and the capacitors and wiring etc used to construct the PSU will be of less than rubbish quality.

Had the GPU been new I would have suggested a Gold efficiency rated PSU but being that the card is used to keep costs down I would suggest the PSU here quality brand, correct spec, has all the connectors required and comes with a five year warranty.

You may need to keep and reuse the present kettle lead as i`m not sure that the PSU ships with one, they call it being green by encouraging folk to recycle but me being the cynic that I am suspect that it is more to do with keeping costs down.

Something to keep in mind for the future, if you need to start using adaptors of any sort when a PSU is involved, you do not have an appropriate PSU and an upgrade is required.