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Need help connecting Google Pad to HDTV

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I am trying to connect my Google pad to my HDTV to watch some videos and other shows. I tried the HDMI plug on the pad to the HDMI plug to my receiver which is connected to my TV.
I used the HDMI plug the same size as the plug on the receiver. I see on the other side of the pad are two smaller ones. Would I need to get a plug where that end plugs into the pad? There is also a right and left audio connection at the front of the receiver as well as one single small video plug.
I sure could use some help. I've been going nuts trying to figure it out.
When I use the HDMI plugs going from HDMI 4 on the Yamaha receiver to the pad, I do get sound from the pad to the receiver's speakers. At the bottom of the pad, it even says connected to Yamaha receiver and gives the model number. Maybe I just need a special plug to connect them.
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Oct 14, 2021
I tried connecting it straight to an Input on the TV and going to that Input also HDMI. No sound but the Google Pad's desktop. came up but no You Tube video or sound. When people connect a video game console to the TV to play a DVD, why does it work. I have a nice Onkyo DVD Player burt never tried connecting an XBox to a TV or receiver. I'm not into video games. I at least got the sound when I connected to the receiver's HDMI. I appreciate your time and help.
I'm pretty good with audio alone and computers alone but not putting them together.


Support Team
Jul 22, 2016
When people connect a video game console to the TV to play a DVD, why does it work.
Which is what is suppose to happen with the Tablet

Just to confirm that you ae connecting the game consoles via HDMI and not the colored cable?

The a different HDMI cable if you have not already

As stated before with out know the make and model is hard to even state correctly.


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Oct 8, 2017
Yeppoon, QLD, Australia.
I don't touch Android devices by choice. :cool:
sure, my Smart TV uses some form of Android OS but I can live with that.

some pictures of what you are trying to do may help as there seems to be confusion as to what you are connecting to what and how.

show the Google pad (what is this, Pixel slate, ChromeBook, something else?), the port of the side of it you are trying to use, the cable in question, and the TV and its port.

I assume the TV has a full sized HDMI port while the Google pad has a mini-HDMI?
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