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My PC got slower and i need help.

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I just bought my system 3 months ago from a website that provides well built gaming pcs.

What i am playing is simple games like, CS Fifa LOL, but lately i realised that i was getting low FPS on games and i was getting FPS drops. And its getting worst after some minutes, so i wanted to check if temperature is ok but its always ok. its arround 60-40 degrees. its not only about gaming, when i search in google i feel that it got slower.

I decided to format my OS and download new one and install it, well i did it but my pc is still slow.

I changed the electric socket already, i dont know what option i can do expect going to pc service, can you please help me guys ? i dont want to spend time and money on service i am student please give me ideas so i can fix it by myself :/
Couple of things of note;

They have cheaped out on the PSU, any mid to high end rig 100% needs a minimum of a Gold efficiency rated PSU from a proven brand, Corsair RM range, EVGA, Seasonic and Super Flower being the best.

The RAM is not appropriate for your CPU, AMD state here up to 3200MHz and if you have XMP or DOCP enabled the RAM will get auto OCd past what the CPU can handle and the PC will fall over.

Download then run Speccy (free) and post the resultant url for us, details here, this will provide us with information about your computer hardware + any software that you have installed that may explain the present issue/s.

To publish a Speccy profile to the Web:

In Speccy, click File, and then click Publish Snapshot.

In the Publish Snapshot dialog box, click Yes to enable Speccy to proceed.

Speccy publishes the profile and displays a second Publish Snapshot. You can open the URL in your default browser, copy it to the clipboard, or close the dialog box.
Not open for further replies.