My bios is corrupted?

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PCHF Member
Oct 10, 2021
Hi there, my computer is broken, I have an hp pc, and it won't load windows properly, first it powers on, and then the hp loading screen pops up, it says diagnosing your pc, and then it says "automatic repair couldn't repair your pc" and then it shows "shut down" or "advanced options" I click advanced options and then continue, it loads and then says "your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart" and "stop code: BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO" it then proceeds to restart, and then it has 2 long beeps and then 2 short beeps. IDescribed it the best I could. If you need any more information please ask.Do you guys know what I'm able to do about this to fix it?


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Support Team
Oct 8, 2017
Yeppoon, QLD, Australia.
my money is on the memory and/or hard drive.
remove the memory chips, wipe their contacts and brush the circuitry board.
get a soft bristled brush and wipe the motherboard slots.
reseat one memory chip at a time and see if that helps.

what is the age of the PC and hard drive?
let's also get the SMART values.
get Speccy from here;

in Speccy, click File > Publish Snapshot > Copy to Clipboard > Close.
now you can paste (Ctrl+V) that link into a post.

I'd also go into BIOS and reset all the settings back to factory defaults.
has the motherboard CMOS battery ever been replaced?
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