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Moving Windows to SSD

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I've tried doing this myself through Google but I have no idea what I'm doing and at this point I'm super fed up!

Basically, I'm trying to move Windows over to my SSD, which I think I've done, but I can't get my PC to boot from the SSD and it's not letting me format the HDD. This is my second day doing this and I'd just really appreciate some straight forward help!

I moved Windows using Macrium Reflect and as far as I can tell everything has moved over. I've tried to change the boot order on BIOS but in device management it still says it's booting from the HHD. I'd rather not have to remove the HHD, if possible.

I hope this makes sense. Thank you!!


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I would boot with the Macrium recovery USB & run their ‘fix boot problems’ option, then check to see if the SSD boots.
Is the HDD still connected when you try booting?
If still no good I would image the HDD & then swap the HDD with the SSD, boot with the Macrium recovery USB & then restore the image.
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