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Mouse increas in game sensvity witout raw input

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PCHF Member
Jun 16, 2020
can somebody please help l was despredted to restet my coumunter to initial state l did it and it dint work for me pls l wanna play csgo agin normal .My problem is concernes mouse l been having this problem for 2 years since then beocuse of that l wan,t active anymore. My senssitytiy increased in csgo and every game l have 1.60 sensevity and 800dpi l had becfore this problem 1.89 even l dieseresed the value it still feels wird and it not stiff l tired turnig of enhance acluration updating the dirvers unistaling every thing in program manager backup on steam on csgo its in every game and l didnt change any thing its not the mouse foult too becoes l bouth a new one and its still like that really bad english but l so despred to fix it its taken my whole free time
l never change anything l looked if did changed but it dint any settings my mouse started increasing 2 years ago one time l decresased the value to 1.50 and it was okey but now its inpossible to play on any settings now it dosnt change l think it

reached the maximum of something in the mouse any solution to this problem is highly value for me becose l am a pro in csgo 1,500hours any thing plsz help
Not open for further replies.