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Mouse horizontal sensitivity is about twice as high as vertical

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Hello, I'm not sure what to do anymore so I thought I ask here in case anybody can help me.
My problem is that my mouse X sens in games feels about twice as high as Y sens. This is most noticeable in shooters and happens ( so far ) in Unreal games, Unity games and Overwatch 2. Usually I edit the input files for those games to make the sensitivities even but recently I started playing Overwatch 2 and here it's not possible. It's driving me insane because it affects my ability to aim and overall....... is simply annoying.

Specs are:
Win10 64bit
I7 9700k
RTX 2070S
Logitech G502 X

I tried uninstalling any mouse related drivers, changing nvidia and windows scaling options and changing in game options but nothing helped so far. So if anyone has an idea please let me know.


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Nov 28, 2016
Are you using the Logitech app to control the mouse settings? If so, have you double checked the sensitivity settings there?

I know a lot of gaming mouse allow this as some people do prefer to have a slower x over y or vice versa.


PCHF Member
Nov 16, 2022
and it only happens in games, not in, say, Word or Excel or when browsing?
This is a permanent thing for me, regardless of being on desktop or in any game. I tried different mice, scaling options, gpu driver related settings and 3rd party software to match the sensitivities.
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