Pending OP Response Monitor help/Fps

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PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Aug 14, 2019
Ive recently bought a gaming laptop, an lenovo legion y530 with 1060 6gb and i5 8300h also it has 8 gb ram installed.

This laptop features an 144hz display.

Ive connected the laptop to an 60hz monitor, and my question is. Now as i play on the 60hz. Fortnite and csgo is playing +40/60 fps than on the 144hz display. also i only use one at the time by holding (Win(key) + P)at the same time.

Friends of mine says that there shouldn't be any difference in fps no matter the screen. As long as the resolution is the same, which in my case is 1920x1080(Full Hd)

So what can i do? Also the benchmark of my computer promised 150+ fps on fortnite Full hd, while my computer plays it in 144- ON THE 60hz. Which seems a bit of. Since a benchmark should check the performance of the laptops display. If anyone sees the specs of my laptop. Could anyone tell me if 150+ is realistic.



Autonomous Admin
Support Team
Sep 9, 2016
Like Bruce FPS is not my forte but a couple of things that can affect video performance/cause issues mentioned below.

ve recently bought a gaming laptop, an lenovo legion y530 with 1060 6gb
Not normally recommended as it can cause instability and overheating but on gaming notebooks that have a dedicated high end GPU to get full power from it the Windows Power Plan needs to be set to High performance.

it has 8 gb ram installed.
Is that a single 8GB stick or two xs 4GB sticks, if only a single 8GB stick the RAM will only be working in Single Channel mode which = 50% of the performance that you would get in Dual Channel, looking at the specs of the notebook concerned here that would be 1333MHz as opposed to the advertised 2666 MHz.