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Manage & secure your business data to keep your company safe


PCHF Tech News
Jan 10, 2015
Most small businesses are concerned about their security, and each user on the network poses a potential vulnerability. Trying to ensure each person on staff has the security tools they need to be safe can take tremendous effort and expertise that may be beyond the capacity of a small business to handle.

A simple but effective solution to protect your network is to employ endpoint security that is always used. That means hardware with fingerprints readers built-in, so your team and only your team can access their machines. It can also include privacy screens on those machines, so sensitive information or usernames and passwords don’t simply get spotted over an employee’s shoulder.

Select Dell Latitude devices have these security features built-in, so staff has the security they need to protect the network’s most vulnerable attack vector. A built-in SafeID security chip on these devices will also ensure attackers and malware can’t access the credentials even if they get access to the machine.

If your staff already has computers, Dell Technologies accessories like its monitors with privacy screens, security software, and fingerprint-reading mice can enhance the security of your business’s existing equipment.

While keeping the endpoint of your network secure, it’s also important to ensure the core is secure. Dell Technologies’ security solutions extend across the breadth of a network with multi-layer protection. If someone does manage to intrude on your business’s network, Dell Technologies’ hardware and software can keep your data secure and prevent threats from spreading.

Dell EMC PowerEdge servers have this security available. SonicWall hardware can protect your network servers from breaches while security at the servers’ BIOS level can help detect and remedy successful attacks. Thanks to cryptographically signed firmware, you can count on your system only running authentic firmware from Dell Technologies. And, with your data duplicated for redundancy, Dell’s suite of security solutions make it that much harder for an attacker to access or destroy your data.

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