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low fps

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PCHF Member
Jan 20, 2023
Hey guys, I own a Lenovo Legion Tower T5 Gaming Desktop, Intel Core i7-11700F Processor, GeForce RTX 3060, 32GB RAM, 512GB, and a 32 inch Dell Monitor which is curved and runs 165hz. For some reason I only get 120 fps in every game, but I figured out that if I don't play the game on fullscreen I get 240fps. Does Anyone know what I can do to run the game on 160-240fps on fullscreen?


Malnurished Mod
Security Team
Malware Teacher
Jul 22, 2016
@Small How long have you had this issue? Was there ever a time that you could get better FPS in full screen? Also, let's get some logs from your machine so others can help you. :)

@Pyro @PeterOz @Bruce

Get System Info Log.

Include in your next reply a Get System Info log.
Save it to your desktop when complete.
Once you have the file on your desktop, then upload it here.
Copy the URL after your report is loaded.
Then send us the link.

Speccy Scan.
  • Please go here and download Speccy.
  • Install and run the program.
  • Upon Completion:
  • Hit File
  • Publish Snap Shot
  • A link will appear, post that link.


PCHF Advisor
PCHF Member
Jan 12, 2019
Along with the scans Mal requested:

What games?

Are you playing in true Fullscreen or borderless windowed?

Are you playing the games through a DRM? Steam, Epic, etc?
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