Low FPS and constant freezing

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K is for Kreme

PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Mar 5, 2019

I currently love rust but I can never play the game at a good consistent frame rate. However i’m a bit lost on what to do now. When loading into the game I can run the it on 20-30 frames on completely maxed out settings. But lowering anything also lowers my frames. I have a 1050ti with 4gb of vram. My cpu is eh. And I have 16 gb of DDr3 rated at 2133 GHz. I’m currently running low on funds so buying a new pc isn’t an option for me. If someone could find me a way around this I’d appreciate it.

Evan Omo

Computer Support Technician
Support Team

Please go HERE and download the portable version of Speccy. Save it to somewhere you can find, locate the file and as it comes as a Zip file use your favorite unzip application to decompress it. Open the newly created folder and double left click Speccy.exe if you have a 32 bit system or Speccy64.exe if yours is 64bit. If you are not sure what your system is click HERE. This guide compiled by Gus.

Speccy will open and after a short wait will display a summary of your system specs.

  1. Click on the file menu.
  2. Then click Publish snapshot.

A dialogue box will ask you to confirm, select yes.

Another dialogue box will open

  1. Click Copy to Clipboard.
  2. Then click Close.

Now that your link has been copied please paste it into your next post. It should look something like the example below:)


BTW: Once you have finished with speccy and no longer want it, removing it is easy because it is a portable app with no install. Simply delete the downloaded file and folder you created when you decompressed it.
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