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In Progress Laptop fan


PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Apr 24, 2017
is a gaming laptop fan supposed to be so loud? I posted a video to show it

Now I expect the fan to get loud if the laptop is old. But this one isnt even a week old an it gets loud even if Im doin something like running Steam (not actually playing a game but just using the Steam program), downloading stuff and of course gaming. Does that just mean the fans are working or should I actually be worried? I mean the sound literally competes with my Rumba lol.

Also the sound quality on the video isnt great (the recoduing device sucks i guess) so you may have to turn it up a bit to actually hear the fans (which would probably defeat the purpose of judging if theyre loud or not if you have to turn UP the volume to hear it. But I can assure you its loud)


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Jan 10, 2015
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It seems like it's a normal thing with these laptops. I've never heard of Sager, only ROG and above so I can't vouch for Sager.

If it's brand new, I would contact Sager directly and ask them if it's normal. If not, they'll send you a replacement or fix it free of charge, providing it's under warranty. The customer support for Sager can be found below.

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