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Lagging in games with new router

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PCHF Member
Jul 9, 2020

I have two computers and just got a new router (tp link) , for some reason on one of the computers it lags loads when playing online games (overwatch, rainbow six) and the other is fine.

If i plug in my old router (bt homehub) they both appear to be fine playing online. However the old router has other issues and is quite old(apparently the bt homehubs dont last long). That's why i would like to use the new one.

Whats the best way to go about diagnosing this problem?

Have you tried resetting the network settings on the affected system?

Have you compared the setting from one router to the other and make changes accordingly?
Make note of what you change so you can change it back if necessary.

Wired or Wireless how are you connecting to the route?
Wireless try wired
2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz
Distance from the signal and what is it passing through.

Make and Model of the router?

Is it only gaming that is affected?
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