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Keyboard and mouse lose power during gamin.

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PCHF Member
Jul 3, 2020
When i play any game(CS GO, apex legends, leauge of legends...) after some time like 20-30 mins my keyboard and mouse lose power and when i switch to front ports they lose power in like 2-3 minutes then i have to restart my pc(force shutdown by holding power button). Last night i could play a game for max 10 minutes then keyboard and mouse lose power, but tonight i saw something strange cs go at medium specs goes around for 150 fps but keyboard and mouse keep losing power but this time my game lock below 60 fps i even changed settings to very low still below 60 fps and when i shoot below 20 fps but my keyboard and mouse dont lose any power and they are working for hours no problem so i am thing of buying a new processor or power supply or motherboard, please guys help me enjoy games again. I have tried going to power saving options and disabling option turn off usb if needed power something like that. All drivers up to date. I bought my pc used. I tried plugging in other keyboard and mouse when my regular keyboard and mouse lose power still the other ones wont work in any usb port. I have searched most of the google and youtube still nothing hope u guys can help :(

Sounds like your psu is over heating/etc ,which in turn starts to lose voltage..
I realised it after i watched some videos about psu and why my graphics card is only working 20% percent so i ordered a new psu i hope it works out and help you for helping.
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