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Is this a legit website to download John kelby's pdf ebooks?

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Nov 20, 2022
Hi, not sure where to post this question to, If this is the wrong part of the forum then please let me know the right part of this forum to post this to. I had bought these eBooks over a decade ago from john kelby's main website that was shut down down long ago too. At some point I couldn't open the eBooks on my computer to read them and/or they were damaged, so I went to search online after his main website was shut down to try to redownload the ebooks onto my computer so I could read them again. I already payed for the eBooks so I thought I shouldn't have to pay for them again to redownload them and read them however the digital recite I had in my email when I bought them was no where to be found so I cant show my proof of payment to them. I don't mind paying for them again, its only a 37 dollars one time payment or around that price. Apparently you can download the ebooks at this website so I wanted to ask if its not a scam
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Aug 26, 2016
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I suspect it‘s not the author’s site but a Google user. The .pdfs seem to be free to download so if any money is asked for it could be a scam.
The links of the books have been shutdown due to violations & the link directs to Clickbank so I suspect scam.
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