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Solved Is It safe Now To Use Filezilla?

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Jul 12, 2017
I know a while ago there was a problem with Filezilla being infected with malware and there were warnings around about installing it. Is that still the situation or have they fixed it and it's safe now to install and use it?
Am I understanding correctly that both versions (64 and 32) that are on that page are safe and clean? It doesn't say anything there about "adware".
it's the same version (v3.64), but written for either 64bit PC's or 32bit PC's, depending on what you have.
unless your PC is very old, the chances are excellent it is a 64bit unit.

no creator of software that I have seen ever advertises that they are including adware when you install their software.
most do nothing to indicate the fact their software includes PUP's, a few at best give you an option to untick the extra stuff during the install process.

but Yes, the downloads available from that URL I supplied are supposed to be ad free.
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I didn't mean for what I wrote to sound as silly as I see now that it sounded - I suppose they wouldn't advertise that they stopped secretly including adware any more 🙄 I'll download it and see if I can tell that it's clean. Thanks for your help.
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