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iPad Pro release may not be till 2016, could include Force Touch


PCHF Tech News
Jan 10, 2015

The iPad Pro is quickly becoming Apple's most talked about (unconfirmed) and, like many rumored products before it, the tablet has apparently been pushed to a later release date.

Formerly framed for release in late 2015, the tablet's shelf date possibly shifted to 2016.

Sources from ETNews reported Apple has recently been in talks with many major screen makers including LG Display, Japan Display and Samsung Display. The reason? Acquiring silver nano wire-wound (AgNW) touch panels to replace the ITO-based panels of yesteryear.

Sources also stated the iPad Pro will release "next year," a release time frame that could be the consequence of acquiring enough AgNW display coating.

Sapphire, meet Force Touch

Silver Nanowire coating is far more flexible and would be perfect for adding Force Touch, which debuted on the Apple Watch and the New Macbook, at a more affordable price for mass production. By eliminating ITO-based touch screens, Apple could save big on the indium required to make the displays and bring Force Touch to its new larger iPad.

Force Touch is rumored to join the next fleet of iPhones in addition to the iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro may also feature sapphire glass panels, which could raise the price of the devices and offset the money saved by using AgNW. Initially rumored for the iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus, the ultra-hard panels ultimately made their way to the Apple Watch, along with Force Touch.



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