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Internet lost when Gaming - followup

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PCHF Member
Oct 4, 2023
Hi all, I have posted recently but got too busy to deal with the suggested solutions of trying a USB wireless adapter- hence this thread is now closed . However, I have since figured out something new which might be useful knowledge?

My wifi only disconnects when my laptop is charging while I am opening the games. If I unplug it, it all functions as normal and I can game without issue. If I plug it in again, the issue comes back. While this might seem like a solution, my FPS drop significantly when I am not charging my laptop, so I would still prefer to get the issue bypassed.

Thank you to everyone for keeping up with me, and happy Halloween.
have you tried going into Control Panel, Device Manager, expand Network Adapters, double click your wireless adapter, go to the Power Management tab, and untick "Allow this computer to turn off this device".
another clutch of the straw...

try going into Control Panel, Power Options, for whatever power plan you are currently using, click the Change plan settings link.
click the change advanced power settings link, expand USB settings, under selective suspend, change to Disabled.

what wifi adapter are you now using, a USB one or the inbuilt laptop one?
I'm pretty sure I'm using the inbuilt laptop one, I never plugged in any external stuff that could do it otherwise, If that is what that means. I tried the proposed solution, still doesn't work.
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