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IN DEPTH: How to make a Valentine's Day card on your computer or phone


PCHF Tech News
Jan 10, 2015

How to make greeting cards #1-3

It's the Valentine's Day homestretch so we thought we'd showcase the very thing V-Day is all about--eating ice cream, watching 50 Shades of Grey and crying your single-self to sleep. *Le Sigh* But if you're not alone and miserable, you are probably calculating how much you will spend on the "right" gift, aren't you?

Here's a tip: Valentine's Day isn't just about gift-giving or an expensive night out. What matters most on February 14 are simple gestures: love and appreciation. And because Valentine's Day is a consumer Hallmark holiday, what better way to show your love than a card?

Whether you're trying to tell your crush how you really feel, or want something very special for your bae-- whatever your intentions are, the right words about love always are hard to find, but these e-cards will spark a romance that surpasses the chocolates you picked up at your neighborhood supermarket.

Apple quietly discontinued its iOS Card app that allowed users to customize, order and automatically mail out cards. The company is taking another shot at helping us manage all of the selfies and mini-moon vacation snaps scattered across many iDevices with its new iPhoto-replacing Photos app for OS X Yosemite this Spring.

Until that happens, here are seven apps so for sending greeting cards all year round so you can print 'em, send 'em and share 'em to your heart's content.

1. Ink


There are many apps out there for sending virtual cards, but Ink takes that to another level by actually printing out a physical card for you and mailing it. You can upload any picture from your phone, or one of your social media accounts, and even edit it as you'd like within the app. Then, simply choose your favorite card, personalize it and add any messages you'd like to include, add recipients from your phone's address book and pay to send them.
It's as simple as it gets, and it only costs $1.99 for a for a glossy 5x7 inch photo print, including postage. That's less than you would otherwise pay for a card and stamps. Cards ship within 3 to 7 days.

And if you're in a long distance relationship, sending cards can be an adorable way of keeping in touch even after V Day. And who said technology is a bad thing? in fact, technology can do a lot to help you spice up your relationship (yes, we're talking about Snapchat
selfie cards).

2. Postagram


It's true, physical cards still exist! Postagram by Sincerely, turns your iPhone or Android phone, Instagram, Facebook & Dropbox photos into real postcards, delivered by snail mail. Using the free app, you select your photo, pay $1, in the U.S., or $1.99 to ship worldwide, including the cost of postage, and have them slapped onto a postcard and sent to whomever you chose.
The image appears on one side of the card, along with your message and a QR Code that allows recipients to save the photo digitally And lucky for your, since it's a postcard, no need (or room) for a longer message on the other side of the card. Keep it short and sweet and fill in a brief 140 character message and an address, and off it goes to be delivered as a glossy printed image.

It's very quick and easy to use and it's a nice way to show Mom and Dad how much you love them. Postagrams are personalized with the profile photo of the sender, so if you're sending your secret admirer an anonymous love or hate letter, make sure you change your avatar or select none for that option.

Postagram promises delivery in three to five business days.


3. JibJab

Make it at: jibjab.com/valentines

Heads will roll this Valentine's Day, because nothing says "I love you" more than fighting back-to-back against a horde of zombies! With JibJab you can send a "Killer Valentine's Day" to a loved one or a couple loved ones you love…! Or you can send a video card.

JibJab is great way to personalize your Valentine's Day alongside videos and music. Upload pictures of you and your beloved, and feature your selves in the card—which is usually a short little music video. Cast yourself and your special someone in a hilarious & sexy V-Day romp, set to the Marvin Gaye classic or set to the tune of the old Sonny and Cher hit "I've Got You Babe."

And if you are anti-Valentine's Day there's also a burning love ecard, where you can stick your face on a cartoon where you burn bears, hearts, chocolates and every sign of V'Day.

While you need to subscribe to create the cards, they're free to view and share on Facebook and other social networks.

How to make greeting cards #4-7

4. RedStamp


Another Valentine's Day card app that will have your love swooning (and, likely hugging your phone with excitement!) is Red Stamp Cards. A spin-off of the popular Red Stamp Cards website, where you can send both paper and digital greeting cards and invitations, with a variety selections.
Pick your card, add your photo and custom message, then save it to email or send digitally via social media straight from the app. They will also send traditional paper cards or postcards for you, starting at $3.


5. Lovely Handwritten Cards

When was the last time you picked up a pen and wrote your heart out? We cannot remember, either. But if you want something tasteful, Lovely Handwritten Cards is a free iOS app that lets you truly personalize what you send to others using your own handwriting.

You can choose a template from subject areas like Love, add any photo from your photo library, which then can be scaled and/or rotated, then use your finger directly on your touchscreen to add your note. There are a variety of ink effects to make your writing look like your own, with a variety of different ink colors, as well as line thicknesses. When you are done, your card can be printed, or send it via email or the usual social networks.

For an additional US$0.99 you can get a bunch of extra templates, and that's reasonable enough, but most of the few included templates are just fine. Templates with a lock symbol require the paid set.

Lovely Handwritten Cards requires iOS 7 or later, and at free it is certainly worth a look.

6. Tine


You're not the best writer, and you cannot put your heart-felt emotions into words. So why not just tell your Valentine how you feel about him in your own voice? With the free Tine iOS and Android app, you can get the message right by adding a video, song or a personal message to anything. Literally, anything-- even yourself! You can even add files from your Dropbox folder.
Simply scan a Tine tag with your phone, add your content and then stick the tag sticker on things around you. Best of all, Tine is free and you can request free Tine tags from the app, which will arrive in two days.

When your love scans your tag, they will instantly see your message and you will get notified. Also, Tags can be geo-fenced, limiting where your lover needs to be to view the message on the tag. It's quick, it's simple and best of all, no more forgetting words in your romantic speech. While BAE is busy watching, prepare that Valentines Day gift you bought for them.

7. JustWink


Since you're into saving money, JustWink is a card-sending app that specializes in sending digital greeting cards… for free!
Once you're in the app, pick your card, add a photo and message and even a personalized signature. Then, choose how to send your card - via email, Facebook or text. You can add multiple people to send it to and it delivers it to them immediately. JustWink will send old fashioned paper cards for a fee as well, approximately $3.50 per card, although V Day delivery is no longer guaranteed.



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