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I installed an M.2 SSD and my AMD software keeps crashing when I play games

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PCHF Member
Jun 19, 2022
So I recently installed a new M.2 SSD but decided to keep my windows 10 on my SATA SSD. But now when I play any game, at any random moment (could be 2 minutes to 2-3 hours after I start up the game) my screen will go black for a couple seconds and my game will crash and AMD will send a crash report. I'm not sure if this is an AMD software problem or if it's being caused by the M.2. I will include screenshots of the reliability reports.

Fixes I've Tried: Uninstall and reinstall graphics drivers, turn off steam overlay in game, verify integrity of game files, checked storage devices for any errors, re-seated ram, and moved M.2 slot from bottom to top and changed the SATA slot in order to allow the M.2 to run on the top slot without the SATA SSD becoming disabled. I had a guy in discord help me and he believes it could be my PSU, but I decided to post this here because I'm really not sure and just want to make sure I can 100% find and fix the actual problem.

Summary: AMD drivers crash while playing video games, screen goes black for a couple of seconds and the game crashes.

PSU: 450w Bronze EVGA
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 (stock cooler)
GPU: RX 6600 8gb VRAM
RAM: 3000mhz 16gb(2x 8) DDR4 Crucial Ballistix
Samsung 980 SSD 1TB M.2 NVMe
Samsung 500gb SATA SSD
WD Blue 1TB Hard Drive

Reliability Report Most Reoccurring Error Codes:




Forum Regular
Support Team
Oct 8, 2017
Yeppoon, QLD, Australia.
so this all only started happening after the new m.2 drive was installed?

what is on the new drive, compared to what's on the original SSD drive?
for example, your Windows, games and all software is on the original SSD, what has been installed on the new m.2 drive?

have you tried putting the PC back to what it was, that is, removing the new m.2 drive, and do things go back to normal?
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