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I have'nt used my desk top for two years because it suddenly decided to go to sleep. One day my desktop screen was there, and the next day it wasn't.

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My problem seemed to manifest itself when I signed up with sky for fibre optic. I contacted them and said I couldn't get an internet connection, they replied saying ,it's because my pc was not fibre optic ready and that I would need an adaptor. I went ahead and got one but still no internet connection, it just booted up to my desktop screen. Eventually I gave up phoning sky, as this was my standby pc and not my main one. but I did periodically keep trying, until such time as my desk top window no longer showed, although I do still get the desktop bootup jingle. I lost my wife not long ago and I have photos on this pc that I would like to transfer to the other one, so if anyone can help me it would be very much appreciated.


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Oct 8, 2017
Yeppoon, QLD, Australia.
simplest way would be to remove the hard drive from that PC, put it in an external USB enclosure and connect that to the other PC.
that way you bypass whatever is wrong with that PC.
you than transfer the files and either put the drive back in its original PC and fix it another day or leave the drive in the enclosure and use it for backing up your main PC.
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