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In Progress How to remove pre-installed anti-virus

Im in edge and cant figure out how to clear the cache.


It says there is supposed to be a time range button and clear now button. I cant find them
This site shows how to clear edge with pics.

Most likley it is doing anupdate on edge.

No you can turn it off.

Yes you can have both.
Thanks, im headed to bed now. I havent recovered from last night yet, lol. If its a good idea to unistall the mcafee i have then lets do it. Should i turn the comp off everey night or just now and then?
I turn mine off most nights.
I only leave it on if I have web pages open I need to access.
I don't know if this question belongs in the old thread or this thread, so I will ask it here.
Can you get the bank site now?
On firefox the tabs i was on when i closed down the comp were still in history and i had 5 tabs open i just clicked on restore tabs in history and all 5 would come back up
Have you downloaded and installed Firefox yet?
It is always good to have a second browser in case for what ever reason one decides to go bad.

Referring to Post # 2 you are on the wrong screen,
That is to set the browser to clear the same things just when you close the browser.

When I get to my Windows system will post images and instructions.