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Solved How to get my Inbox Screen back to normal?

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Peter, been also trying to get away from Google Photos. I know there is a way which I saw in the net, but couldn't follow it. Not intelligent enoughh to do these things. :( I want to manage my own photos myself without Google. But I get stuk by G. where it doesn't let me get my own photos. I see another member is helping me with this matter and I'll read it and follow it later in the day.
Please forgive my sending so many posts, the first 2 are for Peter, but I can't find the post by Ricky, I believe his name is? who gave me steps to get my photos in my Android. Would anyone know where else to look for it? I looked in all categories of my computer and don't see it. Was it, maybe, deleted??? If so, why? Thanks in advance for any clues. :)
Refer to page 2 post # 39

where are you getting stuck.

recopied here for convince.
Easy fix for the photos

Are you using Google Photos to view the pictures on your phone?

Open it then select the photos that you want to use

On the bottom slide left or right and select Backup

Once completed open google.com in a browser on the computer

Log into the same google account that is used on your phone.

Once signed in click the 9 dots and select Photo.

Unless you are in the wrong account the pictures will be there.

Any issues or error message need to be poste here.
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Hello Rustys and thanks for copying your message for my convenience, but I came to your original post to see it all. My problem with the Android photos is I don't like to have Google handle them, so I tried suggestions in internet and it went well (I think) until...it got stuck on a page saying something like: "If you want the photos click on Goggle Photos" and wouldn't let me go anywhere. Another time it changed to say: "If you want the photos click on Google Settings" or something. That was the few past days, now I wanted to try it once more to show you....but on clicking the Photos icon it shows the icon alone in the middle on a white page. Tapping on it didn't show a thing. I also noticed it took many tappings for the photos icon or camera to open and it's ALL black with nothing on. I think there's something wrong with my phone.

Also thank you for all the right steps to put my photos into google. But, is there a way for me to manage my photos without Google? I'll have to take my phone to Target to see if there's something broken. I think I might've dropped it from my chair to the floor, although short distance it might've caused all those strange issues?

Thanks again for your good help. I'll keep your instructions in case there's no way i work photos without google. May I contact you again after my phone is fixed, if it needs fixing? :)

my independent photos. I get stuck on a page where google says
Hi again Rustys, just a note that I restarted the Android and it seems to have fixed those little things., I tried to open the Photos icon and this time it shows me the pics (that I want to upload here) but instantly changes to:

"To continue, give Google Photos access to your photos. GO TO SETTINGS"

I clicked on GO TO SETTINGS and under "App Info", it says "Photos Installed" and a "DISABLE" link. Clicked on "Storage" and clicked on "clear the cache" but i don't see any "ok" or something.

Rustys, is this what may allow me manage my photos without Google Photos?
It's a Moto 6, Model Android 9. I hope this covers it because when I had that mixup inn my Laptop, many of my folders I had made up, lost their contents. My "Comp. Info." folder is empty where I had all details of my phone. If this isn't sufficient, I'll contact my servers: Consumers Cellular. Thanks Rustys.
Hi, I haven't tried to back the photos up because I didn't want Google to take over. I always managed my photos without it and wanted to keep it that way.

I never had to log in to Google before, so I didnt this time either. It just happened suddenly that Google wants me to get into Google Photos by force since I can't work around its stopping page with the statement I mentioned before: "Go to Google Photos" and lately "Go to Settings". No way I can get to see photos at all. However, when I shut off the phone, let it rest, and open it again I can see those pis for a fraction of a second before it goes back to the inransigent page.
P.S. Not sure if I understand your last 2 lines where you say once "phone" and once "computer". I wonder if when you say computer you mean my laptop as opposed to the cellphone? On my laptop I only use Google for Gmail emails, but sometime back it made its way into my cellphone I don't know how and I'm not happy.
The initial issue has been nicely and promptly resolved thanks to you techie angels! But my phone developed complications which affect the resolution of my computer problem, so I'll go in person to Target (with which my server Consumer Cellular seems to be connected) and see if it cn be fixed.

I'm very sorry to have kept this thread in abeyance, but I'm unusually busy these days trying to resolve others' problems which affect my life. So may I ask for a pause to this thread? If not, may I contact you again once I've been able to fix my phone?

Meantime, I appreciate a lot that you all took your time and effort to try to help me. THANK YOU ALL for being so kind and so helpful! :)

With best wishes, Adela
no worries at all.
we like to close inactive threads to keep the Forum tidy.
but not to worry, as soon as you need further help, reach out to any staff ember via the Private Message option and we can re-open this thread.
or, of course, just open a new thread! (y)

looking forward to our next chat.
actually - no chat would mean everything is fine, so that would be even better. :)
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