How to create ideal custom fan curve?

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PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Jun 21, 2017
Hi all.

Currently trying to create a custom fan curve in MSI Afterburner for my GTX 1060 (6GB). I have previously been using a high fan setting to prevent risk of card damage, but as a result I rarely let the temp go beyond 70c. Now I want to reconfigure, and exchange higher temps for quieter fans. What's the best way to go about this, and what temperature should I be considering as my max threshold?

I game at 1080p 60fps, but do 144fps on CS:GO for the advantage. It's the only game I play 144fps on though, and I have previously played games like Witcher 3 at 60fps and my computer has handled it perfectly fine but the fans were way too loud. Should I use benchmarking tools, or make adjustments as I go along playing my games?

I've heard that the Nvidia cards can handle up to 83c without throttling, but I don't know how the stock fan curve fares and whether it's worth using a custom to be secure. Any guidance on this one would be appreciated, since I'm rather clueless regarding the function of it all. I just want to play my games without needing to worry about overheating or constant monitoring of the numbers, yet still have it quiet enough that it isn't distracting when I play.

At the moment the fans are just far too loud, and I'll be setting the case fans to silent mode and installing another one to increase the airflow in the hopes that they can all run at lower RPM.
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Core Voltage: +87

Power Limit and Temp. Limit unlinked.
Priority on Temp. Limit.
Power Limit: 122%
Temp. Limit: 80 C

Fan Speed auto disabled.
Fan Speed: 50%

This has been my perfect middle-ground for my GTX 980 with a pretty significant OC. You might be better off testing the fan speed starting at 50% and then dropping/raising it 5-10% per interval until you reach your desired temp-to-noise ratio.


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Sep 9, 2016
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