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Solved How to completely unistal camera and microphone devices on my laptop?

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PCHF Member
Jul 18, 2020
Hi, can not figure out how to diable camera and microphone completely as "Unistall device" function helps while laptop is on and after restart Device Manager shows that both devices are active. Device instalation settings set to NO. Please help me with this. Thanks.

When you un-install those default programs and restart,the software just re installs the software.. Some people just tape over the camera and tape over the mic tape with some cotton balls to muffle the sound.. You may want to check to see if the mic has a mute setting and you will probably have to do this each time when you restart the laptop.
Thanks for your answer. I did that with my camera. WIth mic it is different situation. Still I would like to get rid of them as I never use them. There should be the way disconnect them from system?
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