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How should I part this laptop out...selling

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PCHF Member
Jan 15, 2023
I've got a Lenovo E 535 ThinkPad laptop I hardly ever used and kept around as a backup. Recently I went to boot it up and after charging nothing happened. I took it to a professional computer repair guy and he said it's toast; said something about a known problem with the motherboard. He suggested I just part it out or sell it outright.

So I'm wondering...what's the best way to sell this carcass of a computer to get the most out of it? Should I take the memory, hard drive or anything else out and sell them separately, or should I just let the whole thing go as one item?

Also, could anyone translate this line found on a sticker on the back that denotes the computer's stats...

Lenovo E535 A10 - 4600m 2.3/6/750/DR/15.6/W7P-W8

Only thing I get out of that is a 15.6" monitor.

Also, I'm not sure how to describe this memory if I were to sell it. Can anyone translate this sticker and let me know how I should advertise this memory? Thanks.

mem 1.JPG

mem 2.JPG


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Support Team
Oct 8, 2017
Yeppoon, QLD, Australia.
your options are;
  • fix it and use it
  • fix it and sell it
  • sell it as is
  • remove the drive and put it into an external enclosure and use as a backup device
  • remove the memory and sell for, what, $20/stick???
any potential buyer would need to have skin in the game or have an idea of what it would cost to fix. so you could only ask a very small amount, even then, I certainly wouldn't buy an old unit, known to not work, and no idea what the issues are - and I do have skin in the game.

the Edge 535 came out when, 8-10 years ago?
if so, no-one is going to want it sadly.
we simply live in a disposable society.
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