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High end laptop audio glitches when switching between certain apps

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I got the (generally incredible) HP studio x360 G5 laptop and while it's great most of the time, it seems to have a consistent issue with switching to certain apps. eg. Adobe Media Encoder. 100% of the time I switch (eg. Alt + tab) to Media Encoder, whatever audio I'm playing loops a fraction of a second about 50 times (a bit like a house tune just before it drops the beat. Also a bit like when you get a BSOD, or the second before). It only last a second or so but I don't want that if I'm playing music at an event. This is a £2,000 laptop I use for work and I don't believe this is a performance issue as I don't have it with any of my lower spec machines.

Latest Win 10 updates. Latest Adobe updates.

Thanks :)
You are seeking help on multiple forums, which can be counter productive and confusing. Have you tried the recommendations regarding your drivers from one of those forums?

Also you say you have the latest Windows updates, if that includes update 2004 then roll back to 1909 and see what happens.
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