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Help with settings on 1440p Gaming PC

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recently bought a 1440p gaming pc with these specs:
cpu: i5-13600k
gpu: Radeon 7800xt
ram: corsair vengeance 2x16gb ddr5 6000mhz cl40
mobo: msi z790 tomahawk wifi
cooler: thermalright peerless assassin 120se
psu: corsair rm850e gold
ssd: gigabyte aorus gen4 7300 1tb
monitor: gigabyte m27q-P (using display port)
OS: windows 11 home (activated and updated)

Display is set to 1440p @ 165mhz but games feel choppy and jerky. after a couple of hours of gaming the audio goes out of sync (delayed) during gameplay.
tried running honkai star rail, dota 2 and for honor so far (new pc so i haven't gotten many games installed yet)
honkai is capped at a constant 60fps but getting frame delays in between transitions (i.e. opening up menus, swapping characters, transitioning from scene to scene). Frame timings can jump from a normal 18ms to 40ms resulting in rather jerky gameplay.
struggling to run for honor in 1440p at consistent fps (will vary from 20-120fps), making gameplay really choppy. getting the same problems even setting everything to low. crashes randomly.
dota 2 has consistent performance but also crashes randomly.
Game says only 2gb of gpu's ram being used with cpu load minimal at 4-8%.
i am not overclocking anything. temperatures for cpu/gpu are normal. XMP is enabled in bios.
Things i've tried:
switching between vsync, adaptive snyc, freesync optimized and turning it off completely
reducing refresh rate to 144mhz
turning off antialiasing and occlusion
turning off dynamic shadows completely
updated all audio and display drivers
rolledback display drivers
optimizing amd adrenalin according to youtube/google's recommendations, then finally uninstalling it.
setting windows display > graphics > individual apps to "high performance"
running steam and the games as administrator
what am i doing wrong or missing? please help.
g'day and welcome to the forum. :)

let’s get your complete PC specs.
get Speccy; https://www.piriform.com/speccy/builds
in Speccy, click File > Publish Snapshot (hit Yes if prompted to proceed with publish) > Copy to Clipboard > Close.
now you can paste that link into your next post.

Speccy doesn’t show the Power Supply Unit so, if a Desktop PC, list the make/model of the PSU.

Is Speccy safe?

while we wait for that, let's tag in some members - @PeterOz @Malnutrition @Pyro @georgeks @Bastet
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