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Help please

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Post on the profile of Bruce requesting help and after being advised by gus that help was only permitted on the open forums.
Bought a laptop of eBay the Blu-ray drive not being picked up he'd gone from Windows 7 to 10 pro without checking all ok with pc he's left me with the pc to sort , it picks drive up for second on device manager then goes off windows says correct driver on then tried the remove and try seek windows go pick up drive well that never worked , went on drive update the device not showing on there , my feeling this Blu-ray burner may only work on windows 7 I'm thick on pcs may b take to a pc shop job but I'm only a carer do my mum on low wage can any one help me
Try the suggestions here:

If this doesn’t work try this fix by Kapil Arya:

Try these steps:

1. Open the Command Prompt with administrative privileges.

2. Type the following command and hit Enter key:

reg.exe add “HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\atapi\Controller0” /f /v EnumDevice1 /t REG_DWORD /d 0x00000001

3. Exit the Command Prompt and reboot. Insert a disk to test and the optical or DVD drive should be visible now.
This is a public forum and as such we offer no private help, all help offered is public, so please do not ask for private help. Your previous post asking for private help has been removed.

Also no need to quote previous posts
This is a public forum and as such we offer no private help, all help offered is public, so please do not ask for private help.
This includes posting requests for help on member and staff profiles, if you wish to receive the free assistance that is provided by PCHF members and staff acknowledge the replies of Bruce and Bastet respectively.
If you do not wish to abide by the forum rules that you agreed to when you joined that is fine but we much prefer that people did so, not that I need to explain but I will, the rule is a disclaimer that all forums have, no private assistance is permitted so as to protect both members and forum staff, if you were to follow a suggestion made by someone via a PM and it resulted in physical or material harm and you had not been both made aware of and agreed to abide by the said rule the forum concerned could find themselves drawn into a legal battle.
Not open for further replies.