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Solved Headphone jack troubles

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Jul 4, 2020
I've recently just built my first gaming Pc. I have a headset but i can't use the mic on it. When i plug it in the green headphone jack, i get audio but no mic. When i plug it into the red, i get mic but no audio. Is there any way to fix this without using a splitter??
I haven't checked the headset on another computer but it works fine on my xbox. My motherboard is the Asrock b450m-hdv and my headset is an astro a10
Yes you will need a splitter for that head set to work.

On the XBox the mic and head phone jack is built into one and on most computer they are split into one for the mic and the other for the headset.

Something similar to this should work for you. There are others this should get you started.

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Well now ive discovered something interesting. In any other app or game i have, it doesn't recognize my mic, but rainbow six siege does work with my mic. also my audio in r6 is really quiet too
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