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Have to reconnect my mouse every time I start up my computer

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Sounds like a plan thanks for keeping us informed.

The other thing I would suggest is try a live version of Linx this will tell us if it is hardware issue and or Windows/Driver issue.

It they system preforms fine in Linux that the issue lies within Windows.
(Both the Mouse and WiFi)
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After testing another mouse, I see that it's working fine, but I remember that the one which has a connectivity problem was working fine for a long time before the problems appeared. I also observed that now it doesn't work when I insert it in the initial USB port, so I have to reinsert it. I don't know what changed, maybe something to do with having inserted the new mouse?

Also, I suppose you have already though about it but would it help to delete the information about this mouse in the laptop (I'm not sure how it works), so that it would have to recognize it again after connecting, as it recognizes every new device when it's first connected?

As to your suggestion to try Linux live version, I'm not sure of how I can do it if I already have windows 10 OS? Is it possible to run Linux in Windows?
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I'm not sure of how I can do it if I already have windows 10 OS? Is it possible to run Linux in Windows?
Just follow the steps in the video.
If you need to save any data when in Linux you save it to the harddrive and not the usb.
Linux will also give you access to your files on the harddrive.
When the computer boots choose TRY UBUNTU and let the system boot.

When booted look on the left-hand side of the screen and click on Files icon

Then click on Other Locations

Click on your drive for example Win 7

Click on Users Icon

Click on your name listed under users

You should now see your data e.g Documents Pictures etc.
When finished Click on the shutdown icon in the top right-hand corner Click on Power Off

If it works with Linux then it might be best to uninstall the usb in device manager and let it reinstall itself.
Thank you for the instructions. As I have never done it before, I'd like to know if there is a risk of losing any data because I don't have an empty external hard drive right now and I don't want to save any data on my Microsoft account/cloud?
I got to the part On This Computer in Ubuntu where 3 options appear:

487 GB Encrypted

I cannot open 487 GB Encrypted because I don't know what password is needed, I tried the 4 digit laptop login password but it doesn't work.

Also, while trying to boot from USB stick, if I receive black screens saying there are errors or while trying to reboot my laptop from Ubuntu to Windows saying Remove Intermediary Device, is there a way to shut it down other than manually pressing the Shut down button? Thank you.
I'm not sure how bit locker works, at least I have never used or installed it.

As to the WiFi, to be able to test it, it takes time, because previously it disconnected maybe once per day and as Linux doesn't properly function on my laptop, I can't work using it. So I'm not sure how else I can do it. Though the good news is that since I applied the solutions you provided, I've had this issue only once, so maybe it did work after all.
I'm not just browsing internet, I'm also using my files while working on my laptop, so if I can't use them because they are encrypted, I can't work in Linux. I can test my mouse only at the moment when I turn on my laptop, that is, when I get to the window where it demands the usual 4 digit access code, because then I can see if my mouse has stayed connected or not.

So how do I proceed? I mean I got to the point in the instructions where I had to go into my files in Linux which are inaccessible and to go to my user name etc.
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None taken :)

Well, then if there's nothing else to do to find the source of the problem, as well as WiFi working fine, at least until now, I guess we can close both posts.
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