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Facebook search throws up Wikipedia info boxes, too


PCHF Tech News
Jan 10, 2015
Facebook has added Wikipedia knowledge panels for results to search queries made on the platform. This feature is reminiscent of Google’s integration with Wikipedia.

But unlike Google, there is also Instagram link to profiles that have presence on that social media platform.

Again, unlike Google, Facebook's efforts are aimed at keeping people within their ecosystem as much as possible. Experts also see this as part of Facebook’s current efforts against misinformation by making it easier for users to look up sources without having to leave the platform.

Not long ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had said “There’s just so much content that’s unique to the Facebook ecosystem. We can answer questions for you that really no other service can."

The latest developments in Facebook are further steps in that direction.

Screenshot of a search on Narendra Modi with Wiki link at the right

Facebook told TechCrunch the feature is being tested in English on mobile web, the iOS app and desktop, though it may not be visible to every user. It’s unclear how long the pilot program will run.

Many users have also complained about the search results on Facebook, with regard to Wikipedia link, being not consistent. Film names that are also nouns in English usage got mixed results on the search pages. Joker, for instance, got the film of the same name as Wiki box. But the same thing did not happen to Parasite.

Teeting problems are bound to be there before Facebook gets it right its search algorithms.

Source: Here.


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