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Dual Boot Windows 10

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Hi, Guys....Question about dual booting win 10.

I have a new PC with a new Gigabyte MB. I have two 1-TB M.2 drives. I have Win 10 (64bit) installed on one of them (drive C). I want to install a second, fresh copy of Win 10 (64 Bit) on the Second M.2 drive (drive D). The reason for this is that i want two TOTALLY different versions of Win 10, one for regular use, Word, Internet, FB, etc....and the other will be for Music and Sound Production which will have the drivers and other elements modified to allow the software I am running to run most efficiently.

I would like to turn the computer on, and be presented with a menu asking me which drive/version i want to boot into. Any suggestions on the most efficient way to do this without going into BIOS each time and selecting the boot drive? This seems to be more difficult than it should be.

Any ideas?.....Thanks!
Arrggghh - dual booting.....

I've done it a few times and rarely does it pan out the way you want.
A lot of tweaking and editing the BCD to get it working the way you expected in the first place.

What I have been doing for ages instead now is Virtual Machines - truck load easier to setup.
But I suspect this approach may not suit Hammerjam but it all depends on exact work requirements.
You can tweak VM's quiet a lot and one big advantage for me is you don't have to reboot each time you want to get into the 'other PC'.

@hammerjam - do you have Win10 Pro? cause if so, the VM software is already available, called HyperV (it's turned off by default)
I have kind of given up on what I want to accomplish with this, because WIN just wasn't built for this...What I need is to be able to boot from one of two different drives...they are each totally different versions of windows (WIN 10) but configured in different ways...i need them totally separate, and using a VM would likely add in some overhead that might create problems...what I will probably do is install an internal bay that can hold one or two SSD drives, and i can just insert Drive ONE when I need that, and Replace it with Drive TWO when I need the other configuration, and reboot.. I have a system similar to this on another machine, but the docking bay i use, while PERFECT in concept, turns out to have some flaws, and it's the only one of it's kind....I MAY try a VM while I am experimenting with this, but it just adds in too much management overhead. One of the systems is a Music Production system, and to make proper use of VSTs and Samplers, you have turn off EVERYTHING (drivers, etc) otherwise you get some latency in the instruments which is awful. If anyone has any other thoughts, chime in!
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