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Dropbox launches password manager and super-secure file vault


PCHF Tech News
Jan 10, 2015
Dropbox has unveiled a number of new features designed to help users get more organized at home and at work including a password manager and a super-secure vault for their files.

After acquiring the password management company Valt last year, Dropbox has now integrated its technology into a new product called Dropbox Passwords. The service allows users to seamlessly log in to websites and apps by storing their passwords and syncing them across devices with zero-knowledge encryption.

Dropbox has also launched a private beta for its new product Vault for select Dropbox Plus users. Vault secures and organizes users' most important documents while also giving them the ability to grant emergency access to select friends or family. The service offers an additional layer of security in the form of a 6-digit PIN on top of Dropbox's existing security features.

The company is even making it easier for users to back up folders on their Mac or PC with a new computer backup feature. Computer backup makes it possible for users to access their files securely on-the-go and retrieve them when their hardware fails or is lost.

Dropbox Family

Dropbox also revealed its plans to introduce a new plan for up to six members called Dropbox Family. The plan features individual account views and logins with unified billing to keep things simple.

Dropbox Family users can create a shared Family space to easily make photos and other important documents available to all members. Each individual member will also have space to privately store their files and they can use all of Dropbox Plus' features. The new feature will become available to Dropbox Plus users in the coming weeks and to everyone else later this year.

In a press release, Dropbox's CEO Drew Houston explained why the company has decided to roll out these new features now, saying:

“The lines between work and home are blurred, and we’re all being pulled in a million directions right now. It can feel chaotic and overwhelming. We’re working quickly to provide new features to help people stay better organized in all aspects of their lives so they can focus on what really matters—like health and family.”


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