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Drives Not Recognised

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PCHF Member
Apr 11, 2017
Hi all,

I hope this is in the relevant section, so apologies if not!

I have a Acer gaming laptop model AN515 and it's a nitro 5 with i7 processor. Acer leave room in the original manufacture to upgrade your laptop for better gaming.

So I've opened up the laptop and fitted X2 16gb memory sticks going from the standard 8gb to 32gb.
In the laptop there's a spare slot for another M.2 NVMe SSD so I've added that too, not touching the main one at all. I've also (in expansion bay) fitted a 870 evo sata storage drive by connecting all to the motherboard. The latter by a provided Acer SATA connection cable, making sure all connections are secure and correct.

Going to my PC and switching on I can see the memory upgrade recognised in dxdiag.
As for the M2 SSD and the sata storage they are recognised both in the device manager and in the bios. Unfortunately when I go to my computer those extra storage slots are not showing up. Only the original M2 in slot 1 (C-drive)

Any idea what I should do to solve this would be of great help. I've googled this issue and other people have had the same issue, mostly with no firm solution.

Thanks all
Thank you Veeg. Will follow up the info on this link.
Can't do it until this Friday as I'm away from home and my PC.

Keep this open a bit longer just in case please!
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