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PCHF Tech News
Jan 10, 2015

Improve your graphics card performance and save yourself the cost of getting a new one with MSI Afterburner.

Why you need it

January is a tough time of year on the old wallet, so squeezing the most out of your hardware can make a real difference if you can't afford to buy new components. Getting more from your graphics card – one of the most expensive parts of a PC setup – can therefore save you a small fortune.

That's where MSI Afterburner comes in. This free utility claims it can deliver up to 93% better performance for your graphics card by 'overclocking' it – making it work beyond its standard speed and settings. It allows you to boost the voltage to your card, control your computer's fan speed and monitor your system's performance, all in order to take your card beyond the realms of what was previously possible.

Just make sure your computer has an adequate cooling system in place in order to cope with the extra work you'll be putting your graphics card through. Do plenty of research and read the user manual on MSI's website to make sure you fully understand the program before getting started.

But rest assured that once you know what you're doing, overclocking can seriously accelerate the performance of your graphics card, saving you from shelling out on new hardware when finances are at their tightest.

Key features

  • Works on: PC
  • Versions: Free
  • Boost performance: Vastly increase the performance of your graphics card – just do your research and make sure it's properly cooled
  • Monitor: Keep tabs on your system's performance with MSI Afterburner's extensive range of monitoring tools
  • Record: MSI Afterburner also comes with a free screen recorder, so you can record the gaming moments your overclocked graphics card has made possible
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