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Downloading an ISO file on a suspicious computer

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Hello, everyone, hope you're fine.

Since a few days ago, I have everything I need to build a computer. I have in mind to buy an OEM license for Windows and I have to create an installation media on a USB stick for that. The problem is the other computer at home has pirated versions of the Office apps and I'm worried that downloading the ISO from this machine will end up infecting my newly assembled computer with some malware, is that possible?

I had been recommended to look for a clean computer and I tried but it's difficult, besides it's really uncomfortable to ask family, friends and acquaintances if their computers don't have pirated applications. Finally, people are not very willing to receive visitors during these pandemic era, even less for something like this.

I had been thinking about buying some anti-malware software with good reviews to solve the problem. Is this a good idea? Or is there any other better option?

Thanks in advance.
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