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Download of the day: KeyLemon Basic


PCHF Tech News
Jan 10, 2015

Do away with your password and log in the more secure way – using facial recognition software KeyLemon Basic.

Why you need it

Touch logon systems like Apple's Touch ID have led the way when it comes to accessing your devices without using a password, and KeyLemon Basic brings the same convenience to your home computer. It lets you log in to your PC using your webcam, meaning no more worrying about forgetting your password.

Another benefit is that KeyLemon Basic eliminates the risk of a hacker or thief guessing your password and gaining access to your computer. By using something innate to you – your appearance – KeyLemon Basic makes it far more difficult for anyone to log in to your PC without your permission.

The free version comes with the facial recognition software, as well as an app that tracks your 'face evolution' by taking a picture every day that you log in. If you want more, paid-for versions can lock your computer automatically when you leave, take pictures of anyone who attempts and fails to log in to your computer and more.

The Gold version also sense whether or not there is movement in front of the camera, preventing would-be hijackers from holding up a photo of you in front of your webcam and then being approved.

Key features

  • Works on: PC, Mac
  • Versions: Free, Bronze (CHF 19.95, about £15), Gold (CHF 39.95, about £30)
  • Log in securely: Keep hijackers out of your computer by logging in using KeyLemon Basic's facial recognition software
  • No more passwords: There's no need to worry about remembering your password, and no way anyone can get in to your computer by guessing it
  • Extra features: The paid-for versions have some excellent features that provide even more security to the log in process
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