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Do I Need SiteLock For Domain When Site Is Hosted With An All In One?

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My SiteLock is up for renewal. I used to have a WordPress Site and SiteLock was included in my plan. It is no longer included.
My WP site got hacked 3 times, and the final time I took it down because I had signed up with an all-in-one platform, where I intend to rebuild my site.
Currently I have just a few pages on the all-in-one platform, not really a site yet.
My domain is hosted elsewhere, but it points to the all-in-one platform.
Also, my email alias is set up through the old host, and I plan to leave that for now as it's working well.
I asked a support person with my old host whether I should purchase SiteLock and he said it's 50/50. He said it won't prevent my site from being hacked (is that even possible now, that it could be hacked through the old host when it's not there anymore and the domain is elsewhere?). He said it's just an extra layer of protection.
But, I've read that it doesn't protect your site at all. It just monitors it.
So, I'm wondering, with my situation, do I even need it? Is it worth paying for? Is there something else I should look at?


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Oct 8, 2017
Yeppoon, QLD, Australia.
I've always found it very advantageous to have all your eggs in the same basket when it comes to domain hosting, web space, email provider, etc.
that way you don't need special SPF, or DKIM, or any changes to the DNS entries at all.
and when you need to talk to Support, you get someone who not only knows the whole process, but won't get someone who will pass you off saying "
Oh, that's an issue with your other service provider, you'll have to talk to them".

what's is the cost of SiteLock?
if it adds an extra layer of protection and doesn't cost too much, more protection is always better than less protection.
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