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Death Stranding PC leak suggests DLSS 2.0 support for super-smooth 4K with Nvidia RTX GPUs


PCHF Tech News
Jan 10, 2015
Death Stranding’s PC port is due to arrive very shortly on July 14, and the game will reportedly support Nvidia’s DLSS 2.0 technology to run better with GeForce RTX graphics cards.

This is based on a leaked press release purportedly from Nvidia spotted by Wccftech, which was spilled online by a Latin American website – so remember that we can’t take this as a cast-iron certainty, by any means.

The article from PCMRace claims the press release states: “[Death Stranding] explores a society that seeks to reconnect and features the performances of actors like Norman Reedus, in addition to being able to enjoy even more beautiful landscapes on PC, thanks to Nvidia’s DLSS 2.0 technology.”

It adds: “The PC version is also compatible with Nvidia DLSS to improve visual quality and offer more frames per second.”

As the (alleged) press release observes, DLSS means you get much smoother frame-rates when cranking up the visual quality, and version 2.0 improved the technology considerably.

Reasonable requirements

The further good news in this case is that Death Stranding isn’t a very demanding affair when it comes to the PC requirements anyway, so the upshot is that those who want to enjoy the game in 4K (or indeed other resolutions) will hopefully be able to do so with much less strain on their GPU thanks to DLSS 2.0. If – and it is still an if – the source is correct, of course, and hasn’t somehow fabricated the aforementioned Nvidia press release.

We already know that PC gamers will benefit from support for ultrawide monitors, and a cool Photo Mode, plus the port of Death Stranding promises some novel Half-Life bonus content.

Death Stranding will come out on Steam and the Epic Games Store simultaneously on July 14 as mentioned.

A final interesting point is that Death Stranding uses the Decima game engine, as does Horizon Zero Dawn – prompting some speculation that perhaps the PC port of the latter will also be fully DLSS 2.0-equipped. That really is wild guessing territory, though (what we do know about Horizon Zero Dawn’s port is that it too will support ultrawide monitors).

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